1. How do I register as an artist

2. How does it benefit me?

3. Maximum songs to upload per album 

4. Do I need to be signed under a record label 


1. You need to go to the attached address and simply read through the steps and sign up. https://tuneupsa.co.za/sign-up/ 

2. With TuneUpSA, you don’t need to be under a record label to sell your music. You simply register and send in your music using the the following email address, upload@tuneupsa.co.za


 a) You get paid directly into your account as  per your reflected sales.

 b) Minimum amount per download R3.50 

3. For every single subscription, an artist can upload up to 7 songs or 5 albums 

4. You do not need to be signed under a record label to sign up to TuneUpSA


  1. How is it different from other competitors? 


TuneUpSA doesn’t discriminate on any talent even though we require a professional recording, anyone aspiring to sell their music on our platform, can sign up and send their music through for filtering process and should the music pass the filtering process it will be available in store just after 7 (Seven) Days.


Is my music protected? 


1) It is up to you to protect your music through our recommended agencies Below.         – Recommended Agencies: SAMRO & RISA

2) No one can download your music from TuneUpSA without paying for it. TuneUpSA System is secured.

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